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Joy Division 'Unknown Pleasures'After an extremely busy month your favourite Antifona is finally back..
Some ‘news flash’ to cover such a long silence:

Drag City goes ‘world’ with the new Yaala Yaala imprint. That’s the creature of Jack Carneal back to US after some years in Mali. He found out that Ali Farka Toure and friends are ‘export only’ shit.. Malians do listen and play something else. 3 albums out, all artists from Mali, we definitely suggest Pekos / Yoro Diallo for some intriguing african hours.  PS.there’s a beautiful Mick Turner fresh song up right now…new album in July.

MySpace ooh MySpace! Maybe it’s because of our absolute devotion to Transmission (and Love will tear us apart and so on..), maybe it’s because of our weakness for covers (JD covers even better), maybe it’s because le freak sometimes c’est chic but.. we love Jäh Division (aka members of Home & Oneida playing dub psychadelic renditions of Joy Division).

– How could we possibly not mention the magnificent Atlas by the Battles? Mantra for the call center generation. For sure in the top ten singles of 2007 & 100% best video of the year (except further miracles). PS. the whole album is worth your money, time & forniture.

Le Livre noir du Capitalisme [2000] and Nocturne Impalpable [2001] by the great Sylvain Chauveau will be reissued on Type Records (UK) this fall and @ the beginning of 2008. Sylvain is one of those few musicians you’d better have everything… A new EP called simply S. will be out in September (always Type Rec). As per SC own description: an impromptu suite of five minimal pieces for prepared guitar, electronics, piano (and discreet, background vocals).


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