Pills, thrills and.. rumours.

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Two months after the last update… I know I know I know.

Anyway… here we are with a couple of those ‘details’ that your usual pusher/webzine/magazine/shop/radio won’t notice or even know at all.

First of all: Branie. Branie? Branie. The new creature of beloved Jürgen De Blonde aka Köhn aka Ed Nolbed or simply Jürgen De Blonde if you prefere, one of the most imaginative – creative – innovative belgian musicians out there or simply musicians, if you prefere. Jürgen sits this time with 5 individuals with a classical background: violin, violoncello, french horn, contrabas & saxophone. Results? Music for images, images in music, soundtracks for your favourite nostalgic nature (lost) documentaries. Those like us having a second heart for Rachel’s, Manyfingers & Sylvain Chauveau will love this stuff. Oh yess.

The rumours: Timonium nearly ready. Even if a kind of diaspora took place and just the half of the band still lives in L.A. the new album (the new LONG AWAITED album) should be out by this fall. Here’s the band last post on MySpace: “adam g moved to phoenix. aaron moved to frisco. there are only 2 timonium boys in los angeles now. we are going to finish the new album with jim after he finishes his album. we will find a theremenist to complete our pram cover in los angeles (i don’t know where). maybe we can tour then. we have the bass and drums down on tape now, soon we will have the choirs and other instruments completed. maybe by fall…”. Somehow that’s a good new 🙂


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